KISTERS QueryServices - Request Information

All commands are available as HTTP GET and POST (add ?kvp=true to URL!) with key-value-pair encoding.

Version: 1.10.4

Datasource Type: WDP

getGroupListretrieves a list of object groups
getSiteListretrieves a list of sites with metadata
getStationListretrieves a list of stations with metadata
getParameterListretrieves a list of parameters available at sites and/or stations
getParameterTypeListretrieves the system defined parameter type list
getCatchmentListretrieves a list of catchments with metadata
getCatchmentHierarchyretrieves a hierarchical list of catchments with metadata and parent catchments
getRiverListretrieves a list of rivers and water objects with metadata
getStandardRemarkTypeListretrieves a hierarchical list of standard remark types
getRatingCurveListretrieves a list of rating curves
getTimeseriesListretrieves a list of timeseries with metadata
getTimeseriesTypeListretrieves a timeseries type list
getTimeseriesValuesretrieves timeseries data
getTimeseriesValueLayerretrieves timeseries data as layer
getGraphTemplateListretrieves a list of available graph templates
getGraphretrieves a graph image of timeseries data
getStationGraph retrieves a graph image of timeseries data based on stations
getColorClassificationsretrieves a list of WISKI color classifications
getQualityCodesretrieves the list of WISKI quality codes
getReleaseStateClassesretrieves the list of WISKI release state classes
getTimeseriesReleaseStateListretrieves a list of timeseries release states
getTimeseriesEnsembleValuesretrieves a list of timeseries ensembles with values for one or more timeseries
getTimeseriesChangesretrieves a list of changes for a timeseries
getTimeseriesCommentsretrieves object comments/remarks
checkValueLimitchecks value limitations for time range value requests
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